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Lease to own at Wayfair.
Here's how.
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We can help you get that.

Katapult is reimagining lease-to-own for the better. Shop now and purchase over time–with no credit required, flexible payment plans that meet your needs, and never a late fee.


Whether you’re shopping at Wayfair for a dining room table for the family or a mattress for a good night’s rest, checkout with Katapult.

It's the power to get what you need.


The benefits of Katapult.
Lease-to-own on the up and up.

Katapult has partnered with Wayfair to provide your path from “need” to “own.” Our tech looks beyond your credit score to see the fuller picture. So you get more choices–and zero surprises.

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No late fees, never, ever.


Zero credit required.


Pay over time. On your schedule.


Up to $3500 in lease pre-approval.


Lease-to-own payments:
Choose your plan and pace.

No hidden fees, no confusion.

Choose the payment schedule that fits your needs.


Purchase your leased items within 90 days and save the most.


After 90 days keep paying monthly or purchase leased items.


Purchase your leased items at the end of your lease term.

(And if you change your mind, return items anytime without obligation.)
*90-day early purchase option (EPO) terms and conditions apply.


Checkout with Katapult at Wayfair - it's simple.
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to your cart at wayfair.com.



Wayfair Financing at checkout, then choose Katapult.



and accept your Katapult lease-purchase agreement.



your initial payment, and complete checkout with Wayfair.

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What is Katapult? I thought I was checking out with Wayfair.

Katapult provides personalized lease-purchase plans that enable you to get what you need from major retailers, including Wayfair, and pay over time. It’s a transparent financing option with no surprises, never any late fees, and no credit required.

What is lease to own?
Lease-to-own means that you make recurring payments for the use of the products you have selected. You have no long term obligation to continue leasing and can return the product to Katapult at any time with no further obligation other than for amounts past due.
I was previously pre-approved by Katapult. When I returned, I was directed to Affirm. How do I checkout with Katapult?
Recently there was an update to the Wayfair Finance experience. After this upgrade, Affirm and Katapult were arranged in the Wayfair Financing Waterfall. You are correctly being delivered to Affirm as the correct finance option. You will not be able to use Katapult to checkout with Wayfair. You can use your approved Katapult limit with one of our other partner retailers. Please visit us at https://www.katapult.com/store-locator/.
I am trying to checkout and I don't see "Wayfair Financing" option. What do I do?
  1. Make sure you are not using the “Wayfair App”. The Wayfair Finance option is not presented on the Mobile App platform.
  2. Make sure you have your items loaded into your cart. Having an empty cart will keep you from seeing the Wayfair Finance option.
  3. If on the Website, follow the steps below:
  • Select proceed to Checkout
  • Under “Payment Information” select “Pay as low as”  – Wayfair Financing
When checking out, I am getting an error that my address does not match. What do I do?

Please ensure the address associated with your Wayfair profile and Katapult profile are the same. This includes the street name, number, and apartment. As in the example below, your Wayfair address would need the apartment number.


Wayfair Address
123 Wayfair Ave.
New York, NY 12345

Katapult Address
123 Wayfair Ave.
Apt. 1
New York, NY 12345

If you need to confirm or update your Katapult profile, contact Katapult via Live Chat or by calling 833-KATAPULT. You can get to the Wayfair profile area by following the screenshots below:


I am receiving an error that states "Failed to Create Confirmation". How do I resolve this?

This normally happens when an applicant is using a non-compatible payment method. You would need to use a credit/debit card that is linked to a physical bank.

You would not be able to use the following type of cards:

  • Pre-paid (GreenDot, Chase Liquid, AMEX Serve, etc.)
  • Foreign
  • Reloadable
  • Gift Cards
  • Government Issued
  • Local Credit Unions
I already have a lease with Katapult. Do I have to pay the initial payment to get more items?
Yes. Every time you create a new lease you would have to pay the initial payment. This would be considered a new lease with its own terms and pay dates.
My cart is over my available limit but I have a promo code or discount coupon. Will I be able to checkout if I am now under my available limit?
No, discounts can not be applied when using the Katapult option. Any discounts or promos would need to be applied after purchase with a Wayfair representative.
I am trying to sign my lease agreement and the "Agree" button is greyed out. What can I do?

Please ensure that you are not downloading the document. Please scroll to the bottom of the document inside of the Wayfair webpage. Once you have scrolled completely to the bottom, the “Agree” button should turn green.

** If this does not work, try launching Wayfair inside a Google Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop device. You can also try using Desktop mode on your mobile device.

How are there no late fees or credit required? It sounds too good to be true.

Katapult's AI technology looks beyond credit scores for deeper insight into your financial journey, allowing for more options and opportunities for more people.


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